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This temple is situated at Vaitheeswaran near Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that the palm leaves are the foundations of Nadi Astrology written thousands of years ago by great saints. Devotees believe that horoscopes and information of all people who have born till date and are yet to be born are written in the ancient palm leaves. It is believed that the solutions to all the problems of human life are hidden in the bundles of palm leaves here.

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But it is a little difficult to get our own horoscope and prediction from the bundle of palm leaves. It is believed that only those destined to reach here can find the palm leaves. Things are not that easy.

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To know the mysteries of birth, the first step is to give the thumb print. Using it, a search will be conducted and matching palm leaves will be selected. Beginning with the letters of the names, including parents' names, names of family members, house names and job are mentioned by some. But there are many who return without finding the secret of future.

It is believed that the palm leaves are written by Saint Agasthya, known as the master of Nadi Astrology. Lord Shiva once told Goddess Parvati about the people who are born in the new age.

It is said that sage Agasthya, who saw it in meditation on earth, wrote about it in the palm leaves. The copies of it are now used in Nadi Astrology. Glory of temple Vaitheeswaran Temple is a place where Lord Siva is worshipped as a healing physician. It is believed that prayers to Vaitheeswaran will cure all ailments.

This is also a temple of Mars in Navagraha temples. The temple pond here has the presence of Amrithu.

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The devotees believe that if dipped in the pond, all kinds of skin diseases will be cured. Instant solutions! No Thumb print and waiting!!

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